Medical Typist

Established in 1982, Doctors Secretarial Agency is the number one medical recruitment agencies in Victoria

We’ve been recruiting Medical Typists for over 40 years, we know what to look for

Doctors Secretarial Agency predominantly works with clinics and hospitals in Melbourne, and one of the major roles we recruit for is that of medical typist.

The position of Medical Typist is one of great importance. If you have fast and accurate typing skills this is a great role, often offering flexible working hours. Medical typing responsibility may also be included in the role of Medical Secretary.

If you do not consider data entry to be a daunting task and you like working in a medical setting, this job would be perfect for you.

Our team works closely with clients to provide highly professional staffing solutions. We take every measure to fulfil our promises and strive to fill all vacancies with candidates that have the appropriate competence and expertise. To attract the best applicants for each job, we not only customise our recruitment framework, but we adhere to the necessary guidelines and industry standards.

Based in Kew, for over 4 decades we have delivered deliver non-clinical administration medical staff recruitment in an honest and ethical manner. We adapt our sourcing strategies to each client, so we can attract the most viable candidates for every role. Our recruitment solutions also include recruiting for both temporary and permanent placements. Get in touch with our team for more information!

Established in 1982, we are a medical administration staffing agency offering services across Melbourne. To stay abreast in the field, we undergo continuous training and constantly improve our sourcing and recruiting strategies. Dedicated to offering unbeatable services at highly competitive prices, our team provides ongoing support throughout the recruitment process and always follows up on promises.

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